10 reasons why you should elope

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Why should you elope?

If you are thinking about it, that already means a lot!

First thing first, what is an elopement? Everyone might have their definition, but for me, eloping is, for once, prioritizing your couple, your love over family, and doing what you want without the opinions of your all family. Eloping is also a way to experience every moment of your wedding day and feel genuine emotions. It can be just the two of you or with your closest loved ones. It doesn't matter, as long as this day represents you and your desires. 

02. You want something different and authentic 

Authenticity is, I guess, one of the most reasons why couples want to elope: They are looking for an authentic ceremony experience that genuinely represents themself. 

Some people don't feel like the wedding industry is authentic enough and think it is all about money and not the experience of two souls getting married and committing themselves to each other. The real reason for getting married is to prove your love, devote your life, and express your wish to spend the rest of your life with your soulmate. 
For many couples, a big, traditional wedding isn't a true reflection of who they are, which is definitely ok! 

Elopement is great for couples that value experience over a big wedding, or would rather put their money toward something else than a wedding.

Elopement is about you and only you. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want! Think about you and not about what your family would like! That is what will make your wedding authentic. You can custom your day with all your desires: if you're going to eat pizza as a dinner, GO for it if you're going to elope yourself and your soulmate, do not overthink if you want to include just some of your intimate family that is more than ok. 

You also can tie your elopement into your honeymoon and make one big trip out of it: If you elope in Hawaii, stay two more weeks and enjoy your marriage! 

03. you want to save money

Elopement means no big venue, nos catering for 100 guests, not many decorations, no DJ, and all of this stuff. Which is a lot of money saved! You will be able to focus only on your experience. Focus on your travel, the location (maybe an Airbnb for your intimate family or just for you two). You will probably only need a photographer (oh hey there!), a videographer (only if you want), a bouquet, and maybe other minor stuff. You will save a lot of money that you can put into something you genuinely value. 

04. you want to avoid wedding day drama

I totally get that relatives can be tough to handle while organizing a wedding. Maybe your family stresses you out, or they're putting demands on you to get married the way they want, not you. Perhaps you have two giants families, and you can't afford to invite everyone. 
If planning your wedding makes you feel stressed out, maybe it is time to think about the elopement! 

You can plan your elopement by your rule, that is the great thing with that type of wedding: there are no rules, just yours! All couples are different, and they all deserve an authentic and meaningful day for their elopement. 

Permit yourself to create the day you want! 


If you’re thinking about eloping, you’re most likely considering a spot more exciting than your local country club. 
Start to think, what do you love to do together? Where do you want to kick off married life? Do you want a location meaningful for your couple? Or a place you have never been, both of you. The thing is, it can be wherever you want! 

Couples who are eloping are, in general, adventurous. But it is not about hiking or skydiving or cliff jumping: it’s a belief that failure is the growth path, vulnerability is the path to love, and the most worthwhile experiences in life probably aren’t on the well-worn path. 

If you see life as a grand adventure, it only makes sense that the way you begin your lives together should be with an adventure, too. 

05. Life is an adventure full of experiences

06. Wedding planning is too stressful 

Planning a "big" wedding can be super stressful, some people like it, some people don't: and that is ok! 

If you feel overwhelmed by all the planning, all the things you have to think of, all the money you will spend for just one day, all the people who want to give your opinions and tell you how you should get married, well, maybe you should elope! 

Do let anyone tell you how to get married: You do you! 

Your wedding doesn't have to be about everyone else and their expectations. You have the right to reject what you don't like and focus on what's essential when it comes to your wedding day! Your day should be an epic adventure! So make it one. Trust me; your wedding can become an experience you'll never forget.

07. You want amazing wedding photos 

Elopements afford you the time and opportunity to be in your true element—and they allow the photographer the time and opportunity to capture natural, beautifully genuine moments. When I photograph elopements, I don’t do any fake or forced posing cues: I just don’t need to.

I document the two of you having the time of your lives and being your most genuine selves: that is what will make amazing photos! 

Plus, the fact that you will probably choose the most epic location to have your elopement, and you will have a dreamy backdrop on your wedding photos! 

The main goal I have as a photographer is to allow you, in a few years, to look back at your photos and to feel the exact emotions you felt that day, to re-experience your day and get you through your beautiful day again and again. You will be able to show your photos to your loved ones and make them feel like they were there with you because of the emotions through the pictures. 

08. Leave no trace philosophy 

A traditional wedding will produce a lot of trash: leftover foods, trash bags, napkins, flowers. All of this sounds not very good for the environment. 

You can avoid that if you choose to elope. Most couples who decide elopement as a wedding love the outdoors and care of the environment.
The Leave No Trace guidelines is significant for me and probably for you too: we will do your ceremony, have the best time, even have a picnic, but we will always pick everything behind us. I will scout locations for you and not share this one on the social network, not because I am selfish, but to protect the environment, the national parks, and the nature.   

If a wedding idea gives you anxieties because you don't like to be the center of attention (which is obviously going to happen with a traditional wedding), maybe elopement is the best fit for you! 
Everyone has their own unique, authentic version of who they are, and that doesn't include a traditional wedding for some people.

If you don't feel like walking down the aisle, opening the ball with a dance, express your feelings in front of thousand eyes looking at you, but you would instead hike a mountain, reading your vows in front of the beauty of nature with for unique sound the wind, then you should totally elope!! 

Introverts and social anxiety are real. There is no shame to don't like to be in the middle of the conversation. That is why elopement exists: you can still get married to the love of your life, and you can choose how you want to spend your day: with just intimate family, just the two of you, just with your best friends, that's your call!


10. you Do you 

I can't tell this enough: YOU DO YOU! That day is your wedding, has to represent your love story, your adventure, your couple, nobody should tell you how to drive your life!  

Please remember this: you have the right and the possibility to make your dreams come true, so go for it!! You don't need to have the approval of anyone (except your partner, obviously! haha) 

And if you need help to plan your day, you can ask me, I am here to help, or any other elopement vendors. They will be happy to guide you to your dream day! 

have fun
no regrets 


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