Choosing a photographer is not an easy choice, because there are soooo many of us, photographers! 
Working with me is fun, simple, and easy! My very first goal is to make you feel as confortable and natural as possible! 

Working with

This is the most important step to me. We need to understand if we are a good fit for each other: feeling good and natural with your photographer is the biggest part of a well done photoshoot :) 
While we chat, I'll get to know you and give you some tips, great locations, what to expect from the photoshoot etc.

01. let's chat

Now that you got to know me and talk with me: you think we are a good fit :D! let's pick a date and book your session! 
We will also talk about the location and outfits but do not worry: I'll help you with everything!

02 let's pick a date and book your session

It is time: we are going to have so much fun together! 
During the session, I'll guide you on how to pose, how to look at each other, and might give you jokes to tell each other!
I will make sure to capture every moment, every laugh and sign of love. My goal? make it look as natural as possible.

03 D-Day! 

Ok! the shooting is done and we had a great moment, we all go back to our respective homes. It is now time for me to edit your photos! I usually deliver the full edited shots in less than 2 weeks following the session.
And... there is a big chance that I'll send you a sneak pick before. 😍

04 The photos

explore the photography process

How it works

Price: starting at $1500 - email me for more information 

You are finally getting married to the love of your life!
Choosing a photographer for your wedding is a pretty big deal: to me, the feeling between us is the most important thing. 
That's why we'll regularly talk to understand the timeline of events and understand your needs. I'll also be there to help you with anything you need: from adjusting your dress to calm down your mother in law... I'll be this little mouse that makes her way around, to never disturb you but capturing all the precious moments of your big day!


Price: $220

You just started your business and need professional photos to expose your personality and your story on you website. 
I can definitely help you with that! It should be something that best reflects the context: we can do it outside, at your home or even at your office.


Price: $280

Do you want to have a photo you can hang above your fireplace, with every member of the family on it? Not just a selfie but something where you feel the unity and family spirit. 
The session can either be outside or at home if you prefer a comfy photoshoot with your newborn for example. 
The time will depends especially on your kids: it can take 40min or 1:30 but either way you will always have great photos of you family :) 

Family - New born

Price: $260

You are newly engaged or you just want to capture your love as simply and naturally as possible?
This is my job to help you feel comfortable and capture your emotions and love for your partner!
The session will take about 1 hour and I'll give you access to your full gallery within 2 weeks. 

Engagement/ couple

book a session

 It was our first photo shoot with my husband and we had some apprehension. The result is beautiful, natural, an amazing memory. With Camille's help and indications, her communicative cheerfulness quickly helped us to be in the game and enjoy this moment.

Anne sophie & John


Muriel & Tyler

It was our first time posing in front of a professional photographer and she made us feel so comfortable, had excellent ideas and tips. The pictures are beautiful, we are so happy about the results.
Thank you Camille! 


I’m so in love with Camille’s work. I have no words, just a lot of tears of joy. 
She was able to capture all the in-between moments. 
A huge thank you! 

Aurore & Mathieu


kind words

Selecting the right outfit is key: it directly defines the vibe of the session and has to be in harmony with the location, the weather, and obviously, you!

After years of working with clients and hundreds of photoshoots, I came up with a guide to help my clients.

Do you want to get it for free?

Outfit Selection

Thank you!

Click below to get you free outfit guide!

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