You have never worked with professional photographer before, you don't know anything about how it works but you are looking for someone to capture the most important day of your life, someone who would be able to capture the in between moment, someone you can trust. 

Well, I might be your girl! 
Bear with me if you want to know more!

Working with me

i will be your best friend 

i'll make you laugh and danse!

Think of me as your best friend, we will go for and hike and oops you'll get married on the top of the mountain, and lucky you, I have my camera with me! haha 
Well, just to tell you it is a big deal to choose a photographer, but you should find someone who thinks like you and have the same vision as you of elopement. 

I will not pose you and asking you to look at me and smile, I will most likely ask you to talk to each other, to make some jokes, to walk, to jump, to run, you will always be in movement and you might even forget that I am here taking pictures of you! 

Let's connect

Follow your dreams, so you can feel the true emotions and experience the beauty of the moment

Feeling and capturing the true emotions

My main goal is to make you feel as comfortable and natural as possible, that is why I want to get to know you before the engagement session, or your elopement. If you feel good with me, then everything will be easier and you will be able to be yourself and that is where we can create the best images. 
The in-between moments, when you didn't' even notice that I took a photo will be the better. 

During your elopement, you'll not feel uncomfortable saying some deeps words in my presence because we have that trust between each other, and this will offer me to capture the true emotion and the beauty of the moment. 

To make the magic happen

Let's be friends

Do not let anyone tell
you how to get married

You do You! 

Why did i choose intimate weddings?

My own wedding was intimate and it felt so good

I feel like intimate moments, weddings talk to me way more than a big wedding, I can connect really with you, with your folks and this is SO important to me! 

Let me tell you more about my wedding, well I have been dating my husband for a while! haha but after 8 years of dating we were not married, when we had to leave for the US we make the fastest decision of our life to get married in less than 2 months! 

SO, we got married in our backyard, in France, with our closest friends and our families (less than 40 guests), a hamburger food truck as dinner, a big tent to keep us warm and to prevent rain, lucky us we had amazing weather! 

This day was full of emotions, love, and happiness. It reflected our personalities and what we are in our lives: simplicity, no need for the big stuff. We just needed our loved ones with us to share our love and happiness! 
Even our friends told us it was the best wedding they ever attended! 

So the point of everything is: DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! If your parents, grandparents tell you to do a "big" wedding but your dream is to elope just with your lover to Yosemite, then go for it! 

My main goal is to connect with you and encourage you to follow your dreams so that you can feel the true emotion and the beauty of the moment! 

So again, you do you, whatever it takes!! 

This is us!

Learn more about me

This is the most important step for me. We need to understand if we are a good fit for each other: feeling good and natural with your photographer is the biggest part of a well-done photoshoot :) 
Let's grab some food, beers (or coffee^^), share so fun stories, and get to know each other. I would rather meet you face to face with some food to share than through a screen. 

01. let's connect

Now we became friends, let's talk about your dreams, where do you want to elope, how, how many loved ones do you want with you, I'll walk you through the process and how to do everything to make your dream come true! 
Don't worries I'll not let you down! 

02 let's talk about your dreams

We did it, this is the D-Day, we are in your dream place, with your dream man (or woman), you are about to marry the love of your life and I'll be here to capture every single moment and emotions, you will be able to enjoy and experience the beauty of the moment without any stress! 

03 the dream come true

Ok! This is done, you are wife and husband and I am SO thrilled about that, we had an amazing adventure together, we all get back to our respective homes. It is now time for me to edit your photos! I usually deliver the full edited shots in less than a month following your elopement! 
And... there is a big chance that I'll send you a sneak pick before. 😍

04 The photos

explore the photography process

How it works

 It was our first photo shoot with my husband and we had some apprehension. The result is beautiful, natural, an amazing memory. With Camille's help and indications, her communicative cheerfulness quickly helped us to be in the game and enjoy this moment.

Anne sophie & John


Muriel & Tyler

It was our first time posing in front of a professional photographer and she made us feel so comfortable, had excellent ideas and tips. The pictures are beautiful, we are so happy about the results.
Thank you Camille! 


I’m so in love with Camille’s work. I have no words, just a lot of tears of joy. 
She was able to capture all the in-between moments. 
A huge thank you! 

Aurore & Mathieu


kind words

Camille wallet

Capturing Love & Happiness