Think about that day
in 50 years...

In 50 years, when you will show your wedding photo album to your grandkids, you will be able to feel again that true emotion you experienced and remember how you were able to experience the beauty of the moment...

You will not remember about your blister on the foot because of the hike, or the rain pouring that day: you will remember the smell of the nature, the feeling of the wind in your hair, the epic sunset and, especially the feeling you had when you pronounced your vows to the love of your life in front of the Half Dome of Yosemite. YES! that feeling! 

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Welcome to my world! 
I am a French photographer who moved, first to San Francisco for two years, and now to Seattle! Who knows what will come next?
Traveling the world to capture the love of couples is my DREAM.

I am so honored to welcome you to my website: I put my whole heart into my work, and I would be so happy to capture unforgettable memories for you! 

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Hello there!

frenchie - travel lover - always smiling and up for good road trips - loving my family (friends and dog included) - 


I'm Camille.

Your elopement photographer

I want you to feel every emotions, to enjoy that special day, to enjoy the very beauty of the moment. 
I also want you to experience that intimate moment just the two of you, to feel the intensity and the love in the eyes of your partner, every word that you will tell each other from the bottom of your heart and how lucky you are to have found the true love of your life.

That day is way more than just a wedding. It is the day where you married your soulmate, where you are finally complete, and more importantly: together for the rest of your life. 

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 It was our first photo shoot with my husband and we had some apprehension. The result is beautiful, natural, an amazing memory. With Camille's help and indications, her communicative cheerfulness quickly helped us to be in the game and enjoy this moment.

Anne sophie & John


Muriel & Tyler

It was our first time posing in front of a professional photographer and she made us feel so comfortable, had excellent ideas and tips. The pictures are beautiful, we are so happy about the results.
Thank you Camille! 


I’m so in love with Camille’s work. I have no words, just a lot of tears of joy. 
She was able to capture all the in-between moments. 
A huge thank you! 

Aurore & Mathieu


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Selecting the right outfit is key: it directly defines the vibe of the session and has to be in harmony with the location, the weather, and obviously, you!

After years of working with clients and hundreds of photoshoots, I came up with a guide to help my clients.



Thank you!

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Let's get to know each other! 
It's super important that you have someone you can trust and have a good time hanging out with! We'll discuss about all the details:  where to start to plan you elopement, the location of your adventure session, I'll advise you for the outfit, the details... 

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