Feeling the true emotions and exploring the beauty of the moment is what i want for you!

job: I probably cried at all the weddings I went to! 
In 2018, my husband and I decided to move to San Francisco, CA, for a job opportunity. We packed our stuff, took our dog, and here we were: learning how to work in another country with a totally different culture.
We then decided to move to Seattle in late 2020, mostly because PNW is pure magic! We are now back in California to experience Sun, Ocean and Cocktails in San Diego! 
It is not just a job for me but a real passion. I'll be more than happy and very humbled to share a moment of your life! 

Well, how did a Frenchie get in the US doing photography? 
For as long as I remember, I've always loved photography: I bought my first camera with my own money after some small gigs at 15 years old. Then I started to shoot everything: my friends were my first models.
I then got my first wedding as a professional: it was a high school friend who wanted to give me a chance (Thanks!). This was the moment I knew I wanted to be a photographer for a living. So I created my business back in 2015, in France. I met a lot of families, couples, brides, and grooms to be.
I am a giver who loves every part of this 

Hi, I'm Camille.


What is the experience with me? 

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But i am nothing without them! 

Let me introduce you to my husband: Gauthier. I know you can't pronounce his name so you can call him Bob as he likes to say it haha! And our baby dog Milo, the cutest dog ever (I am super-objective!). He is French too: we brought him with us on our incredible journey! 
We love to travel together and always try to find solutions to have Milo with us, mostly because we don't like to wander around without him! 

One fun fact about my couple is: my husband hates being taken on pictures, so I don't have a lot of great photos together, and YES that is bummer for me as a photographer!

He is my number one supporter and always pushes me out of my comfort zone to make new experiences and to improve my self-confidence. I am so glad to be married to my best friend as well as the love of my life.

And this is why I love my work so much: I can feel your emotions, your love for each other, and how much one cares for the other. Being able to capture and create memories about it is my goal and proves I'm doing the right job!

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More than just a dog

He is our for ever first kid

I've always been a dog person. The very first time I met Milo, I knew the adventure together just started!  Fun fact: he chose us by playing (with this very downward dog pose), cuddling and chewing our hands!

When we had to decide to move to the US, we instantly thought about him: how can we take him with us? Is he going to be ok in the hold of the plane? 
Ultimately, we made the big jump, and since then he has been adventuring with us everywhere. Every time we are road tripping in a new state, we actually talk to our dog (but who doesn't?!) and remind him he is one of the luckiest dogs to be able to travel so easily. 

Of course, sometimes we can't take him on specific adventures, but we always find the best solution for him! 

Milo is way more than just a dog for us, he is our child. 

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hubby & doggy


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It's super important that you have someone you can trust and have a good time hanging out with! We'll discuss about all the details:  where to start to plan you elopement, the location of your adventure session, I'll advise you for the outfit, the details... 

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Camille is down-right AMAZING to work with and brings a lot of energy. Her personality, however is nothing compared to her eye. The first time I saw her photos I started crying... I loved them. Life's hectic after getting married but we're still considering where to hang up her masterpiece!!!

Emily & Eldon


We had several photoshoots with Camille, and we are never disappointed. We love the quality of her work. She is a very passionate, professional, and watchful person.
Camille knows how to make you feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera (even my boyfriend). Her edit is soft and neat. Those sharing moments will stay in my mind forever.
We 1000% recommend Camille to capture your memories!

Marion & Arnaud


Are you looking for an awesome photograph for your wedding or any important moment in your life? Camille is this perfect photograph you are looking for. She was our photograph at our wedding and also took pictures before the wedding.
Camille has been perfect for 3 reasons:
- She is such a positive person, always smiling and making sure people are confortable while taking pictures.
- She is very professional and adaptable. She is always giving you the right recommendation that made a huge difference during the wedding.
- Her pictures are just gorgeous. You can feel the emotions and people's happiness through her work.
Thanks a lot Camille for everything!

Melanie & sebastien 


Camille was very professional prior and during the photo shoot. She was very responsive and on time
I like that she captured our moments so natural, we didn’t have to “act” or being awkward at all.
She assisted us with some poses, I thought it was very helpful since we didn’t really know how to pose
The turn out was quick and wonderful. I love the color and the tone she used. I love our photos so much. Thank you Camille
I would highly recommend Camille

Nguyen & dan


 It was our first photo shoot with my husband and we had some apprehension. The result is beautiful, natural, an amazing memory. With Camille's help and indications, her communicative cheerfulness quickly helped us to be in the game and enjoy this moment.

Anne sophie & John


Muriel & Tyler

It was our first time posing in front of a professional photographer and she made us feel so comfortable, had excellent ideas and tips. The pictures are beautiful, we are so happy about the results.
Thank you Camille! 


I’m so in love with Camille’s work. I have no words, just a lot of tears of joy. 
She was able to capture all the in-between moments. 
A huge thank you! 

Aurore & Mathieu


kind words

Selecting the right outfit is key: it directly defines the vibe of the session and has to be in harmony with the location, the weather, and obviously, you!

After years of working with clients and hundreds of photoshoots, I came up with a guide to help my clients.



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